Looking for commercial lawn maintenance can become a full time job

There are companies lying in wait to make a shambles of your community’s landscape and your budget. Avoiding them can be easy if you know what to look for and the questions to ask.

Your first task when looking for a commercial lawn maintenance company is to determine exactly what it is you want. It’s not enough to say mow and trim the lawn. You need to think about things like… what kind of fertilizers do you want used on your property, how flexible do you want the company you’re working with to be, and how often do you expect the company to perform each service for which you’ve contracted.

It’s vital that you and your lawn care professionals see eye to eye on a fundamental point. Your landscape is not a crop; you are not trying to feed the members of the community from the turf lawn or ornamental flowers and bushes that surround the homes in the community.

Your goal is to have a lush green healthy turf lawn and it be accented by healthy beautiful ornamental flowers, bushes and ground cover that is low in maintenance and follows the best landscapes practices. The return will be both economical and beautiful.

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