Growing Bananas in Florida. Your landscape is pretty but does it taste good?

Banana tree in flower

Banana tree in flower

Growing Bananas in Florida

There is a certain satisfaction in being able to eat your landscape. While the beauty of a well planned and cared for landscape can bring joy and happiness to your entire community there is no denying the feeling of self worth that comes from being able to produce food from your land.

The banana is the largest plant on earth that does not have a woody trunk. Its dramatic impact as part of any landscape will never go unnoticed. The name Banana comes from the Arabic word “banan” and it means fingers no surprise then that the bunch is called a hand. Most fruit is touted as being fresh off the vine.

Bananas are nearly inedible green and if left to ripen on the plant they are even worse. To enjoy a delicious ripe Banana it must be cut from the plant and allowed to ripen off the plant. As bananas ripen off the plant, the starch in the fruit turns to sugar. Therefore, the riper the banana the sweeter it will taste. The monkeys are missing the best part.

The Banana is thought to come from Africa in prehistoric times. Many people think Bananas are the world’s first fruit.  Certain places still brew a type of beer from Bananas. Parts of Asia use the leaves as we would plastic food wrap. Next time we will talk about which Bananas are best to eat and which present the best appearance.

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